My New Year’s party in Paris

La Perle ParisLa Perle Marais Paris La Perle Marais Paris table So this is where I seem to hang out, where I have morning coffee, lunch, drinks and where the wonderfully exiquisitely kind staff (special hello to Eric) are so so kind to my son AND where the party is going to be kicking off for New Year 2013! La Perle is the famous rock n roll brasserie held by the creative, kind and inspired Read on...
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This Sunday morning in pictures & tattoo ink-spiration!

InkspirationBreakfast in ParisParis breakast plate I love Sunday mornings. I wish they lasted double the time that they do. They seem to go by in a blink, but time has a knack of doing that, doesn't it? I am currently looking at having another tattoo done so am sifting through some inspiring magazines. A friend of mine recently talked to me about a technique where they use dots instead of Read on...
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Sunday morning vintage #3 … Brigitte Bardot

This one is because I love Brigitte when she was young, light, so sexy and so French! Brigitte Bardot La Madrague
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Sunday morning vintage #2… La Bohéme by Aznavour

This is one of the first French artists I started listening to, when we spent our long school holidays at my grandmother's house in North East France. In his dreamlike nostalgic melody, Aznavour speaks to us of times when artists sold their paintings for a meal, writers and poets would congregate at cafes in Montmartre to discuss life ("refaire le monde" in French) and where romanticism was the food of the Parisian soul. I love Charles Aznavour and I adore La Bohéme. Charles Aznavour La Bohéme
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Sunday morning vintage #1… Paris S’EVEILLE (is waking UP)

A tune that I think is in the head of every Parisiant when getting up in the morning! We walk out from our houses and flats into the streets and listen to this tale of someone walking the streets at 5h00am, singing how Paris wakes up and how this beautiful city coils out her beautiful noise and energy. Jacques Dutronc was and is marvellous, here is his Il est 5 heures Jacques Dutronc Paris s'eveille
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Le Cirque d’Hiver – our visit to the SUBLIME Winter Paris Circus!!!

Cirque d'Hiver ParisEclat Cirque d'HiverParis Circus We went to the winter show Eclats at the Winter Circus, near our flat in the 11th this week... it was truly AmAzING! I mean, Paris has so many jewels hidden amongst its streets, avenues and parks, that if you visited a thousand times, there would still be new marvels to discover… And in the city of constant show, there is a very special Read on...

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