A musical interlude -Lykke Li

Likke Li Jerome When there is music, there are no other words needed apart from the lyrics you are listening to. Here is the beautiful haunting Lykke Li and her Jerome.
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Organic Salmon and fresh petits pois in a pot

French petits pois recipe Salmon and peasSalmon recipe Petits pois. Peas. The fresh kind. I am totally crazy about them. First: I love popping them out of their pod. There is something super therapeutic about that (no no I have not completely lost the plot. Yet). Second: they have this super crunchy inside, when added at the end of a dish (so they don't overcook). I love super crunchy Read on...

Paul Smith. rue de Grenelle. A note to my icon.

Paul Smith rue Grenelle ParisPaul Smith shop counter ParisPaul Smith Paris My adoration for Paul Smith and his work continues. His new boutique rue de Grenelle is absolutely amazing. It's a step away from the vintage jumble store inspired retro boutiques that he has in England and all over the world, this is a luxury Paul that I visited. A Paul that has lent his whole image and concept to the cut above, that little Read on...

All my various tattoos

Tattoo artist ParisTattoo art Paris I have been tattooed for a long time now, they are the symbols of my personal rights of passage, my next steps into the great unknown, accompanying me along the way. Water, anchors, cherry blossom and the words of a Joni Mitchell song that mean a lot to me, remind me of what I want to be. In Paris, I have two favourite places to go to get tattooed. The first is Hand in Glove, where the poised and super talented Romain Pareja tattoos with old school precision. Having learnt alongside the famous tattoo artist Tintin, he is a fully fledged influence in the art of tattooing with a real goodness of heart and warmth that his team (Benoit, Fabrice and Hugo) all posess too. This whole team created my anchor tattoos and all contributed so thank you guys! Read more on my visits to the Hand in Glove Parlour here and see their super website by clicking here Hand in Glove Tattoo Bastille Paris Read on...

3 questions to real people: Maddi I.

Maddie my fitness coach This lady is wonderful. Really amazing. I feel so honoured when people open up to me and share their time and life stories with me. And she has the best set of accessories I have ever seen on ANYONE! I met Maddi when she started teaching my fabulous body combat class after she joined my gym near the beachouse. So after having introduced Julie to you, here is the a little conversation with the lovely Maddi I: Read on...
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Paris interior of the week: small is beautiful

Paris studio to rentParis rue MouffetardParis courtyardSmall spaces can be so cosy and appealing, right? This studio with visited for Stan's Book a Flat rental agency was so cosy, so perfect that it had to be the one I chose to start off my favourite Paris interior selection again in 2013. As I get to roam Paris and take shots of these beautiful Parisian flats that Stanislas has to rent, I realise Read on...
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