My nine lives

About my life - Fiona

It’s all about me in this section, isn’t it.

Me, Fiona. Born mid seventies in London to a French mother and a father of Italian, Greek and Scottish decent. Brought up in the City, the business district, the concrete jungle where I (from a really early age) spent times in beautiful libraries, going to operas, the theater, classical and rock concerts, training as a singer too.

I was lucky, both my parents passed on to me a total of three languages (English, French and Italian) from birth and I added an extra couple (Spanish, German) during my time living abroad. These are the key to my freedom. These fluent languages allow me to communicate with a lot of people and to show them my respect, for them and their culture.

I left London (for the first time) when I got my Baccalaureate and started a series of mini lives spent abroad:

France for my studies then, London a couple years, Madrid and Lisbon for three, then London again and then Milan. That was all ok but then buying a boat, sailing around the seas, meeting people became vital for me. So I did it, with the help of a friend. I lived on this beautiful sailing yacht for 3 years, worked in Guadeloupe teaching the sport for a while then earth called back. Terra firma.

I had a son shortly after and went to Torquay, Victoria, Australia for a while. A wonderful place. A place where I would love to go back to live again, really. It’s easy to build whatever life you desire there and the locals make that easier still.

Since then, Paris has taken over the major part of my geography. Shared with the Beachouse house in South West France.

What do I do? It all started in the City of London, on trading floors and finance. After and since the long time living on water, I have worked in Communications and Marketing. I teach languages also and sailing.

Passions are many for me: music, singing, sailing, art in all it’s forms, traveling (do I even need to mention that), skating, the ocean, eating, drinking, clothes. Learning. And the ocean a little bit more.

It’s been a colorful life. A rich, sometimes daunting, sometimes painful life even. All of it has taught me to be the best I can. To go forward despite the struggle, because the pride and happiness that waits for you on the other side is just, well, unmeasurable.

I will speak about these places I have lived. What I have lived there, the people, atmosphere, sensations they provoked. There’s a lot to say and I don’t want to drown you with information about me and just me. They will come in postcard posts from time to time.

It’s all about living for today. This blog is to celebrate that.

I am a lucky lady, to have lived and gone through ever single little adventure that I launched into.

And it’s not finished, not by far xxxx