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A creative atmosphere in my Paris office

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My boy has gone back to school today after our great Christmas break by the ocean! Now he is back at school (and I can breath a little) it’s back to work again writing, interviewing, photography taking and working on all my journalistic assignements.

I love what I do. I get to write, I get to listen, learn, discover and take snapshots in ink and in photo of my impressions of all that. Then I relay my work to the magazines/blogs/websites/newspapers/companies that have asked me to write for them. I am a grateful lady. I kind of had to work pretty hard to get all this set up though. People didn’t come to me (although I wish they would).

It was about creating a blog and sharing my life on it, part of my aim was that I could send this great diary of mine to all sorts of different people to see if I could write for them too. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When people DO come back to me saying they would like to write for them on some assignements, it’s so gratifying!

As a writer/blogger/crazy person, I think that it’s super super important that a working environment reflects what you want to achieve and what you are doing. It mustn’t distract, it must inspire and maybe just relax enough so that you can get on with what you want to work on.

Voila, so this is my little think tank, it’s a mess I know but I love it. I have stacks of art supplies, magasines, drawings, pictures, pens and all sorts of different little things that I accumulate through time and put into my creative space.

I hope your creative space is what you want it to be? Do share the things you think are important in your office environment!

In the mean time, here is what makes mine MY perfect Parisian blogger atmosphere (the atmosphere being perfect, not the blogger ;-) ) xoxoxoxo

Office blog Paris

Parishues office

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