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A little gallery & workshop that is worth a mention

Benj, the Gallery - ParisClémence Veilhan, photographerBenj, the Gallery. Now this is a place I have wanted to talk about for ages.
Every morning I go past this gallery which also serves as a workshop to young designers.
I love the vintage and stark interior and normally the exhibitions are presented as series of the artist’s work – shades of the same picture with slight alterations – which makes it linear and storyboard like.
It’s really really hard opening up a gallery and keeping it working in Paris. Art is sometimes so variable in price and in quality. I mean, the eternal debate is why certain artists’ works sell for millions and others, just as gifted, never make it through.
It’s about time, place and also the right concept at the right moment with the right people pushing your forward.
Coming back to this little place, it has a great little team, constantly plugged into what is happening in the world of art and they have a really inform way about them, which makes them so accessible.
The photographer Clémence Veilhan is currently exhibiting her work there.
A place to wander into, people to inspire you and make you feel that you have just bit into the fruit of new art growing in Paris.
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