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A photo album of my Christmas

Bows and wrapping FranceFrench Ruinart Champagne

French beach in winterWinter sunsets FranceOysters Brittany France

So we are all at the beachouse for a few days. It’s marvellous to be down here, it’s so warm at the moment.

I am taking the time, to take time, to spend time, with my loved ones.

That in itself is a gift and I cherish every minute I get to spend with these people that touch my heart. Without having to answer the phone, run around and be busy (the way I secretly love to be)…

Here are some snapshots of my very toasty warm Christmas by the Ocean. Snaps of the little things I love and little bits of happiness.

Christmas Anglet France(I promise this was taken YESTERDAY!!!!)

I wish you all, a very very Merry Christmas.

I wish you all much much peace and happiness, from the bottom of my heart.

Only ever LOVE,

Fiona xoxoxoxox

Ice skating Anglet FranceFrench wrapping paper

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