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A short essay on photography and mental print

France Hossegor Photography

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South West France Dunes

I still cannot stop taking mini snapshots of everything I see in my head. I think, one day, my over stimulated-sometimes-childlike brain is going to simply protest and ask me to just


be quiet Fiona. Just let me take is EASY for a few minutes.

But until then, I do not intend to slow my mental snapshot habit.

When I am able to:

1/ stop the car

2/ stop running

3/get the right angle

4/push my son out of the way

5/ get a moment where nobody’s walking right past me at THAT crucial point

6/ the light is awesome

7/ I want to share what I see

8/ or memorise it for digital-everness

9/ or randomly want to find out what result I get

10/ because sometimes you get LUCKY.

Pyrenees Photography

Then I take the shots, with my Canon, my iphone or anyone’s camera who is near me. Seriously, I have done that. Some people are so happy about and some just look at me like I’m this crazed type. In any case everyone’s reaction is right.

I use my Tumblr we-sensual a lot to share my work and sometimes the work of other inspired creators too. Today I share with you some recent shots whilst: training in the pine forest where I live in South West France, walking around, or one of the ten points mentioned above. I use simple filters if at all, I publish on Instagram sometimes but mostly: I do it for myself.

Because sometimes, just sometimes, I look at one of my photographs and see in it exactly what I saw at that instant. Beauty tinted by magic.

And I glow with satisfaction.

Training Stadium France

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