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A summer visit to Beaubourg Museum

Gerhard Richter at the Centre George Pompidou
Beaubourg Museum of Contemporary art

After a few days back in Paris for work, I am back near the beach down South West.

However, in summer I always like to go and visit Paris’s “expositions permanentes” which are basically exhibitions that are shown all year round and that practically all museums have. There are less people around and so much more time to look, watch, discover, the art that we love to love.

The wonderful Centre George Pompidou, near the Halles in Paris, is my favourite for it’s temporary and permanent shows of art. Recently I saw Matisse there which was a real priviledge.

So last week I popped in to the Beaubourg (the other name for the Centre George Pompidou), taking advantage of an empty and not really summer like Paris (the weather has not been what it should) to go and see my favourite favourite works of art.

I am a big big fan of Le Corbusier‘s ideas and architecture but also Picasso during his cubist phase. Here are some pics from my visit, missing are the Klein and some Warhols that I really love. Maybe I will get to take some pics of them next time!

Also on show and wich I saw was the wonderful art of Gerhard Richter, on until end of September. His oil pastel work are like photograhs and his subjects are often a little off, a little frozen in time (see last photo in the gallery below of the German army colonel by Richter).

Beaubourg is open every day except tuesdays and some bank holidays (check the very complete website for details) from
11 am to 21 pm (the ticket offices close at 8:00pm though). Galeries 1 and 2 are open till 11pm on thursdays (do look out late night thursday closures in many other Parisian museums too!).

You can buy your tickets online (in fact you should, sometimes the queues can be totally off putting) and get details about how to get there on the website:

Now back to the beach for the last couple of weeks before heading back to our City of Lights…. xxxx

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