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Axel Pauporté photograhy – Paris and Hossegor

Axel Pauporté photographyThere is not much more to say apart from really LIGHT and CLEAR.

Axel’s photos are the way he sees the world as he travels. A free spirit, something I can relate to, Axel has spent his ilfe touring the world for sponsors and Snowboard competitions. He now works and lives in Paris but still spends some time at the country house near the South Atlantic Coast, alway in company of his beautiful girlfriend Jesse.

His photos remind me of the 60s, they remind me of an era that has passed but that lingers somewhere in the air, between the present and what is the come. Good photographers can do this, capture what is left of a time gone by.

Visit Axel’s site and I hope you enjoy the photography. I have seen some of his works in person and the framing is amazing, on glass. Beautiful! xxx

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