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Book Review: Tattooisme 1 & 2

Tattooisme 2Tattooisme 2TattooismeTattooisme 2Tattooisme 2

You must know about my love for ink, having been inked many times in my still short but rich life…

So when I discovered the beautiful book Tattoosime a while back after having been to it’s launch at Artazart (special hello to you guys!) I got hooked on this amazing presentation of famous and gifted tattoo artists and their work. So when I popped into the opening of Tattooism 2, I thought that this time I just had to present the two tomes to you!

Written by Chris Coppola and Frederique Claquin, it’s a gorgeous and opulent display of often non recognised and underground gifted artists that ink for a living. Have a peep here, my favourites are featured on the pics. Both tomes are just a mine of discovery and inspiration for those of us who are already tattooed and those of you who just are curious. And might just, get inked as a result.

Tattooisme and Tattooisme 2 by Chris Coppola and Frederique Claquin, Herscher editions

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