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Changes to Paris Hues!

Parishues is REVAMPED

For those who have been following me for the last few months, you are now able to see that has been revamped!

I am so exited about this. After long weeks of work with a team of wonderful designers and web experts (because they really are), bossing them around, changing my mind over and over and many many decisions, TADAA.


Here is the new version. Do spread the word!


You will see it has also improved (that’s objective, of course). How?


You can now share posts, you can comment on them so there will be more interaction between you guys and me, little curious blogger Fiona, here in Paris and wherever else I am often traveling to.


You will also be able to like via the FB, Twitter, Tumblr buttons. Also, watch out for my new Pinterest account.


There is a search box, there are tags that lead you to pages on specific themes.


There is more about me too, in the Nine Lives section, that will grow with time.


The middle column are all my favorite posts at the timz selected them, some recent, some from a while back, that were also popular. These will change round every month.


I am so so pleased that finally this project is coming to light. This blog started as an idea, I sketched it for a few months and now I really feel that the end result is what I was aiming for!


There will be new regular features too and a really interesting partnership that will give you a real inside view on one of my passions: photographing Paris interiors.


What stays are the continuous flow of topics on Art, Culture, Food, Fashion, Music, Places and Interviews of inspiring beings. All of this pivoting around Paris and other really interesting places in France.


Most of all, I really hope you like it. I look forward to your comments on my posts and don’t hesitate to contact me (through the contact section) whenever you feel like it.


I mean, I write for myself, it’s a liberation but, I also really love to hear back what you are doing, thinking and opinions too because a blog doesn’t have to be a one way street.


BIENVENUE. I hope to hear from you soon xxxxxx

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