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Decorate: shutters on a store front!

to decorate the shutters
In certain areas of Paris, the town hall allows shop owners to decorate the shutters that protect the store fronts at night.
I love this idea as when I walk throught the streets early in the morning and after closing time at night, lots of different pictures spring up around me, like a giant gallery free for everyone to exhibit what they feel.
Some owners have beautiful graffiti or pictures painted directly onto the iron/metal that shields the shop windows.
Last Friday I came across this near my house, rue de la Folie Mericourt in the 11th arrondissement. As this street has lots of independant little boutiques run by young entrepreneurs, it is particularly rich in decoration.
Have a look at this one and I hope you enjoy the idea and if you own a store, use it for yourself! It’s a giant poster applied with the adhesive publicity panels are applied with! What a lovely idea.
giant poster

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