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I just wanted to share with you what magazines I read from here in Paris. In a country that is full of new and contemporary furniture designers, it would have been surprising not find some great monthly reads that translate all this amazing creativity that goes on here and around the world.

I have always been a fan of the beautiful architectural and design digest, AD. Apart from publishing some really enlightening articles on houses, buildings, structures that have been created everwhere in the world, the editors also like to put in a super healthy dose of furniture design (which I find is so inspiring as, even if it is not all affordable for most of us, it is sometimes fun to try to recreate ourselves).

Here are some pics of the latest collector’s issue and what I prefered. I love the 50s style buffet re edited cabinets, they are so colourful! Also, the sofas look super comfortable as well as being a real centre piece for a lounge. I think we can all work with these, try to adapt the colours/patterns into what we already have or better even, go to a vintage furniture store and redecorate one ourselves!

Enjoy the ideas! xoxoxox

Design sofas

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