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Geraldine de Fouquières & her beautiful home, on screen

The sophisticated and modern Book a Flat, who I partner with on my blog for photography and interior design ideas, was founded by 2 really talented and lovely people: Stanislas Couteau, my childhood friend and his gifted and very creative co founder Geraldine de Fouquières, whom I have already spoken about here. When I go to see this Parisian dream team in their new offices, rue Volnay (between Opera and Place Vendôme), I am always touched by Geraldine’s elegance and humility. As well as managing a complex and super succesful company, she also has a busy family and social life. You could expect to see someone on the edge, someone who’s nerves are a little frazzled, but no. When I see Geraldine, her tone of voice is always so composed, soft. She is curious about others, asks questions and gives interest in everything that is going on around her.

So it was no surprise when Stan told me that Geraldine’s flat would be featured on the super chic decoration and interior design programme La Maison France 5

When it came on, we were mezmerised by her presence on screen. She presents the sheer variety of designer itmes and associations that she and her husband have put together in their Parisian appartment. Even if you don’t speak French, the pictures speak for themselves!

Just CLICK HERE and go to 28mn and 11 seconds on the time bar.

Enjoy the visit and the incredible inspiration, it really is quite worth it! I am thrilled to be working with such inspired individuals.

Geraldine de FouquieresGeraldine de FouquieresGeraldine de Fouquieres


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