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Hot Chocolate – Fluffy Bayonne Style

Cazenave Bayonne

Cazenave Bayonne


Cazenave Bayonne

This place is bliss.

Cazenave Bayonne

You seen the film CHOCOLAT? Where Juliette Binoche moves into a small french town and opens up a chocolatery and drives the prude and often closed minded villagers into a frenzy of delight and happiness by giving them chocolate in all it’s forms in her chocolaterie?

I have found such a place. It exists and it’s underneath the arches in Bayonne, South West France. I mean I knew Bayonne was famous for it’s chocolate (see here) but this beats all chocoholic experiences.

Yup. You sit in a vintage tea room, you order a small tray of hot chocolate, brioche, tea, whatever the menu will tickle you with.

It is served quite like a tea set would be served by a 3 year old girlfriend you may of once had, small jugs with roses, tea pots with roses. And a hot chocolate as frothy with bubbles and cocoa and pure exquisite beauty and a taste to match.

Cazenave Bayonne

I love to come here in winter and have a little tea party with my son. The child in me (never, really, very far) adores the whole set up and the experience of a old style parlor like this.

Then on your way out, you buy a bar of chocolate, just because the packaging is beautiful and old style and just because the taste is awesome.

Go check out Cazenave’s for yourself. It’s not an age old institution for nothing.

Cazenave Bayonne


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