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I love – Jenni Sparks’ cutest and most detailed Paris maps!

Paris MAP

Paris cool MAPS

I was contacted by this amazing illustrator recently and really wanted to share her work with you because it’s detailed awesomeness cannot go unheard of with my Parishues readers!

Paris cool MAPS

Maps are soooo boring unless you MAP PARIS IN STYLE! And this map is STYLE in it’s essence. Honestly, the level of detail is gorgeous!

Paris cool MAPS

Renowned for her beautifully fun maps illustrator Jenni Sparks has, by collaborating with, created a super intricately detailed illustration of the globally adored Paris.

After several months of research, Jenni has managed to illustrate a definitive culture map of the French capital. Featuring various aspects of Paris, from the world-dominating fashion houses and glossy cosmetics companies to the small, obscure cheese shops and cafés cherished by the locals. This refreshingly honest map takes an in-depth look beyond the typical tourist route to show it all! I love it.

It’s a little like my blog illustrated!

These maps are design ‘must-haves’ and provide a handy reference point as they are based around the Metro line map. So whether they adorn the office or home living space, they are sure to get people talking and inspire you to come to Paris with an alternative route all mapped out for YOU!

Go here to see it and maybe even get one of your own…!



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