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Coffee Marcots Hossegor

It has been a while. The creative vibes have penetrated me again, seeping into my pours, all my senses alight with inspiration.



Isn’t it wonderful when it takes over again. For whatever reason, sudden creative paralysis sporadically grips us, plunging us into pragmatism and a sometimes slightly too raw every day life.

And then


Like after drinking a strong coffee at your favorite cafe.

I woke up around 13h47 last Thursday and decided it was time to start writing, painting, photographing, sharing the immense fascination I have for life again and this world that surrounds us all.

Sundown France

Because what we live, on a daily basis, all of it: from the moment we wake up, we open our senses, our tenderest soles of feet touch the sometimes cold floors and everything we experience, from the good to bad, from the harsh to soft, from the relaxing to absolutely exhausting, everything is beautiful. In it’s own way.

It’s beautiful.

And it’s beautiful because we are lucky enough to be here to experience it. To see it often crystal clearly. From the hugs of our children, the smile of a stranger crossed in the street, the solidarity between us that we often forget.

Rainbows South France

I just want to say that sometimes it’s good to step back, have a look at what’s going on, take a break with it all to just contemplate. So we can come back more inspired and more in love with it all, than ever before.

Open your eyes WIDE.

See? Look at everything that is going on.

And just relish in the awesomeness of what you see.

Ice cream Hossegor


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