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Little guide to a warm evening in and homemade dreamcatchers

Winter nights, they are often dark and cold. So let’s stay in. Let’s celebrate our own resources.

Let’s not feel guilty about being a little bit antisocial. It’s all about me time. About feeling comfortable with ourselves. Static bliss.

Put on some music, let your creative soul out and pamper yourself inside and out.

Here are some little tips for a warm night in.

Let me know if you have any more ideas too xoxoxox

Home made dreamcatchersMake your own dreamcatchers, use old scraps of ribbon or fabric, use the center of an old dreamcatcher and decorate with 1m long ribbon and little buttons you can sew or stick onto the frame

Put your best calming music on (try Agnel Obel or Ane Brun or Ray Lamontagne), open a little notebook and spend your time doodling, drawing, writing. For you.

teaandappleKusmiteaEveningsnackPrepare a light evening warming snack: some Kusmi tea or herbal infusion and a fresh super ripe apple

frenchwinterdessertJamieOliverbookRead your favorite cookbook and mark the pages to the recipes that you love and that will keep you busy on the long winter weekends in.

MoroccanhoneyfacemaskRun a warm bath. Make a quick face mask before you dip into it, I love my Honey Rose & Oils mask

Reading in bedTake your favorite book. Lie down, put your low reading light on and escape into the land of imagination.

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