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Milk decoration magazine

Milk decoration magazineCountry interior designScandinavian pattern

I picked this up in September and have been late talking about it so today, as my theme has been the french press specialised in Design, this is my chance to talk about my new favourite monthly treat!

Milk magazine is different in the sense that there is a main theme and taste to it. It’s all very refined and pure, stark and vintage with features that always seem to priviledge designers that use natural materials, design that is pale and contemporary. It feels very influenced by the Sandinavian prints and 70s design trends that have been reappearing (much to my GREAT JOY). It’s about lifetsyle, people’s houses, food and things beautiful and aesthetic. If you can’t get the magazine where you are, here are some great features from September’s issue and if you want to know more, you just click on their blog here.

Milk decoration

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  1. I am in love with your blog. I think I will spend all morning looking at it! You have a new follower. :)

    • Fiona

      Why thank you Laura, it’s so great to get such beautiful comments and encouragements like yours! Hope you continue to visit me at parishues!!! xoxoxoxo

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