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Monumenta @ the Grand Palais – the inspiration of my year

Grand Palais
Every year the team at the magnificent Grand Palais (a massive crystal palace in the center of Paris, built for the Exposition Universelle of 1900) organise MONUMENTA. This is basically a chosen artist displaying his own creation(s) with the aim of occupying the whole of the open space of this beautiful glass dome.

This year the wonderful Daniel Buren was chosen and he came up with this: dozens of coloured disks, under which you can walk and look up through, as you also gaze throught the dome of the Palace. Every step is a different perspective but also a different colour! A Warholian walk through open space. I just ADORED the colours Daniel used here and I will definitely be using them again, either in design, decoration and also in the creation of the new design of this blog!

For those who want to read more on Monumenta, click on the link below. Otherwise just lose yourself with me through my photos above and enjoy.

Maybe see you there next year! xxxx

Cristal Palace ParisColoured disks

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