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Movember’s round the corner

France Movember

Movember France

Mo Fi

Movember France



it’s that really super fun but also super important time of year again:


For those of you who think I have misspelt the 11th month of our calendar, here are some of the values and goals stated by the Movember awareness crew:

Campaign Strategy & Goals:
We will get men to grow moustaches and the community to support them by creating an innovative, fun and engaging annual Movember campaign that results in:
•   Funds for men’s health programme investment
•   Conversations about men’s health that lead to:
              -  Greater awareness and understanding of the health risks men face
              -  Men taking action to remain well
              -  When men are sick they know what to do and take action

Programme Goals:
Living with and Beyond Cancer
Men living with prostate or testicular cancer have the care needed to be physically and mentally well.

Staying Mentally Healthy, Living with and Beyond Mental Illness
•   Men are mentally healthy and take action to remain well
•   When men experience mental illness they take action early
•   Men are not treated differently when they experience a mental illness

Men’s Health Research
We will fund innovative research that builds powerful, collaborative teams that accelerate:
•   Improved clinical tests and treatments for prostate and testicular cancer
•   Improved physical and mental health outcomes for me

Moustache Movember

It’s a worldwide movement and many many of my friends here in France take part. Lots of my Anglo Saxon friends but it’s also really hitting the French here too and I hope the word spreads to where you are too! It’s all about men growing crazy BIG EPIC MOUSTACHES so people will ask


and men can explain


Because men also have to watch their health, do their tests and keep an eye on their own bodies as well!

Check out all the info you need HERE

Ladies, you can also join the fund-raising and fun (ok maybe you can avoid growing a moustache yourselves) too by accompanying the men that you know on the project by creating fund-raisers, events and even finding new ideas on how to make Movember even more EPIC. Here the place to click you want to have a look at HOW

My beautiful friend Lynne Knowlton speaks beautifully and with a lot of spirit about the evil that is cancer, on her amazing blog Design the Life You Want to Live, please also take a look at how she lives and has lived with her husband’s cancer, male illness through female eyes.

So here are some of my favourite MO pics and I will be posting end of Movember shots too at the end of it so you can all see how the guys inspired others and supported the cause. Please make sure you send this article round to your buddies and get everyone you know involved!

Movember moustache


Movember devise



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