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Musée en Herbe: for kids and us too

musée - Paris
I often bring my son Tom to galleries and exhibitions with me but this is one place with a difference: it is made for kids. Last exhibition was the lovely Keith Haring and on at the moment is 60′s optical genius Vasarely. The great thing about this museum is that they also have guided tours with great animations for the kids (adults must accompany) and on weekends, wednesdays and most days during school holidays, there are workshops were the little and older ones learn about the artist who’s work is currently exhibited and create art in that same style. Plus I love the artists they pick there too.

21 rue Hérold
75001 PARIS
Tél : 01 40 67 97 66
Musée en Herbeexhibition- Musée en Herbe

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