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My next Tattoo

Tattoo and body art
I am currently thinking about an under arm tattoo. Contrarily to old my old school tattoos which are all linked in every way possible to the ocean and water (water lillies, waves, wind kompass, anchors…), I have decided to have my new symbol inked in the form of text. Something that I have never done before as I needed to tell my story in pictures. Now there is a little need for script.

Everytime I get inked, I tell myself “now that was the last time” and every time I tell myself that, I come up with a new idea. It’s freedom, it’s making your body yours, it’s like earning rank in my own personal army where I am the only soldier and the quest is for peace and certainly not war.

The trick is to find some nice, not too gothic or classic, fonts that I can play around with until I find what I like.

Where will I go?

I might just try and get tattooed outside of Paris. I tend to get tattooed by different artists a lot but who all have that same old school vibe. Maybe Bayonne, maybe Biarritz before the summer ends or maybe go to see my buddies Romain and Benoit at Hand in Glove tattoo in Paris.

Ah choices, choices. NICE choices aren’t they? xxx

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