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My visit to the Vintage Design Fair

les Puces du Design - Paris
This morning, despite the pooring rain, I was determined to go and dig up some VINTAGE.
Vintage what?
Mostly design, furniture and accessories for the home. I am lucky to share my life with a specialist in 50s and 60s design, so to go with him is like going with an egyptologist to the pyramid of Giza.
There are litterally dozens of stands, some are antique design stores some are just specialists with no commercial space who normally sell on these kinds of fairs. I even found a stand selling vintage retro clothing and shoes too.
You have to take your time, go early and see what you can dig out. Every shop has it’s own atmosphere it is trying to recreate, my personal favourites being end of the 60s with Eames being my big idol.
The items on sale here are mostly originals and not reproductions, some are a big investment too. Design is art, after all, and art has trends that the market follows.
Below are some of my real big favourite displays with special mention to Eames obviously and Bartocini (his teck buffet is gorgeous and not overly priced).

These “puces” (vintage sale) last till Sunday 13th May and are well worth going to, but to also be inspired if you are far away, check out the website and see the trends and inspirations you can find on

If you can’t make it, most of these stands are held by boutiques you can find at the Saint Ouen market, open every day. I love making my house feel retro with a warm vibe to it and these are definitely the places to go to be inspired on vintage looks for your home, even if you don’t take anything back with you!
vintage saledesignfurniture and accessories
Design is art

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