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New exhibition at Benj’s Gallery

Benj's Gallery - Paris
I recently spoke about the little gallery with big inspiration, Benj’s.
They have a new exhibition coming out and the private view is on Friday 1st June from 19h for those who are in Paris. It should be on for about a month so you have lots of time to come and see it too. For those who can’t, please check out their website.
This exhibition is so particular and really echoes with what just happened in France (we just went through the presidential elections).
The photographer Benjamin Geminel followed François Hollande, the new President, during his tour of France and campaign. This is a reportage, a view of France, it’s people. Pauses of the French, where they live, the way they react. It’s not about politics, it’s just about humans and their instant reactions. I love that! I hope you will too xxxx

Galerie Benj’s program on:


56, rue Saint Sébastien
75011 Paris
tel: 00 33 (0) 6 11 61 69 09

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