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Organics in season for autumn

French seasonal produce

French seasonal produce

French seasonal produce

I am lucky enough to get a luxuriously fresh and organic basket of fresh produce from a farm not far from me, about once a week (more about the wonderful owner and creator of this initiative very soon!) in the Landes, SW of France.


As you know, I love fresh produce and love to keep on eating what’s in season without having to pay extravagant amounts of money for an out of season kiwi, strawberry or tomato.

Don’t forget to have a look at my article on seasonal produce wherever you are in the world, it’s so important to go with the flow of our seasons!

France is such a fertile land and so incredibly rich in different types of produce. The different climates help, from the cold of the North, the warmth of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates, the Pyrenees, Alps and Jura mountains and the beautiful lush plains of central France as well as the Massif Central and it’s old volcanoes, sitting like old Ministers watching the country develop and life unravel around their old and immortal masses.

Here is this Friday’s basket which I wanted to share with you are remind you of some beautiful recipes that you can make with these seasonal vegetables.

Pot-au-Feu recipe

Tomatos are great in Caprese Salad, use onions, turnips, potatoes and fresh herbs in the French winter staple Pot-au-Feu. Cucumbers are great in a simple salad with my special DILL sauce (my real favourite).


In my next article I will be sharing my family recipe for RATATOUILLE so keep your eyes posted this week and don’t forget to pop by your local market and check what is in season and follow the flow, old style, of what we are supposed to eat throughout the year!

French seasonal produce

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