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Vintage & Street Art

I decided to redecorate the walls in Paris. This means change around some of the paintings/sketches/photography, take some down and rediscover old ones I had stored away warmly.

Below is my latest selection of what is there. I love that kind of methodical chaos look. My favorite creative person Paul Smith does that a lot, in his shops but also in his designs.

Method in madness.

I have different types of art, from the French 50s painter Jean Leppien who was part of the Bauhaus movement. In fact he was student of Bauhaus, Kandinsky and Paul Klee!!! (his work is on the last photo in this range). I love his work for the symmetrical yet a little unstructured work he produced during the 50s, using China Ink like the ones below. I can even see some Keith Haring type, jolted shapes in what Leppien did although he produced this way before Keith started out.

In between there are some 60s and 70s sketches and watercolors that I love for the choice of colors and the imagination used in what can at first seem like simplistic art.

We end in time with Jon One, a gentle, kind and appeasing person. His is the black framed super colored work below. For more about Jonone see the article The eternally evolving street art genius of JONONE and more to come on him and street art generally next month!

So hope you like the new choices and please ask if you have any questions on the artists!

These pics (apart from Jon) were all found while on trips of discovery to flea markets in France and around Paris (for the biggest but maybe the most expensive, try Les Puces de Saint Ouen, north of Paris, open every day).

Jon One
Jean Leppien

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