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Paris Photo

Paris Photo 2012


Again, an artistic treat for me to pop into. Which I did yesterday at Paris Photo, the annual purely photographic art fair.

David Lynch Paris Photo 2012I loved the fact that the organisers at the Grand Palais invite a celebrity (normally someone from the arts, music, design, cinema…) and this year DAVID LYNCH was the chosen one. As I wandered down the aisles, his selections would be highlighted along with a little comment from the genius savant himself. A really orignial personal touch.

Here are MY favorites. I realise, not as high profile as Mr Lynch’s but personal and lovingly picked, nevertheless.

Also, I found this Phone Application that you can download and that I love, that gives you info on the fair which will also be held next April in L.A

Happy viewing mes amis xoxoxox

Paris Photo 2012

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