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Photo album: Paris in the snow


Louvre Paris snow

Paris snowPont Alexandre III Paris snow

Hello there, from a snowy white frosty cold City of Lights! As I was meandering around the city, here are some pics I took recently because I just had to SHARE!

SNOW transforms a place doesn’t it. It just suspends sounds, time and light.

All at the same time.

The shots speak for themselves I think… enjoy our Paris tour in the snow! Hope they make you dream a little in this mid winter icy cold… xoxoxoxo

La Concorde Paris snow

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  1. Kayla

    Hi! I love your pictures of winter in Paris! So beautiful. I am going to Paris soon and I was just wondering where the carousel is located? I have been to Paris before so I just need general landmarks that it is near. Thank you so much!

    • Fiona

      Hi Kayla, thank you for your message!! The carousel is near the Sacré Coeur but you can also find one like it in the Jardins des Tuileries. Safe travelling and hugs from Paris, Fiona xoxoxo

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