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Sandrine, the real enlightened artist

Sandrine JarrossonSandrine JarrossonSandrine JarrossonSandrine JarrossonSandrine Jarrosson

One of my dearest closest most beautiful friends is called Sandrine Jarosson.

Years ago, she broke with a life that she needed to change to become an artist, a giver of LIGHT and an inspirational determined lady.

Sandrine paints what she feels, she translates it into her work using the most unique, intriguing layering technique. Her atelier in Saint-Jean-de-Luz smells of oil and incense, a smell I have gotten used to like a familiar almost reassuring smell.

In her work she depicts what she sees in nature around her, the feelings she gets from meeting people, from the universe she perceives.

I am the very very proud owner of one of her beautiful creations that Sandrine painted just for me. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.

I leave you with photos of Sandrine and her atelier, her work. Contact her here if you need more info or to check out all her work. It’s quite a spiritual experience.

Sandrine JarrossonSandrine Jarrosson


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  1. Simply beautiful! x

    • Fiona

      Thank you Nicki, I will pass on your encouragements to Sandrine x

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