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Skate and 70s – tint my summer

We have many skate parks in the area of the Beachouse. In Seignosse, Tosse, Anglet… So when I am here I take my son and we go skate.

I prefer water and sailing or my surf but skating has a vibe that I grew up with first, an urban feel, before I hit the water running.

These are beautiful pictures from 70s photographer Hugh Holland, which also appear in his great great book Locals Only.

Stacy Peralta, inspires me. The Z boys, inspire me. Tony Alva, inspires me. Tony Hawk, inspires me.

They inspire me to remember my youth and also to inspire me when I write.

To inspire my feel for fashion and design, mostly, to really inspire my everyday life. I love the dedication it takes to be good in the water, on a surf, on a boat, on hard ground, in anything actually!

I admire dedication.

Here’s to the summer and to Hugh Holland who shares with us a time that we can still delve into, if we only take a little step back xxx
Skatephotographer Hugh Hollandskating

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