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Store fronts are ART fronts!

Boutique store front Paris

Store front Paris

Shutters Paris

Decorated store front Paris

I have already spoken about how much I like to walk around Paris early in the morning, when the boutiques aren’t open yet. As most small shops actually start up at 10h00 am, that gives me lots of time to meander with my camera and take pictures, be inspired and find wonderful places to go and investigate and to share with YOU!!!

Boutiques here have these pull down grey metal shutters that are just sad, cold and faded to look at. BUT in Paris, there is creative talent. Everywhere you go. From street art to small galleries, there are people who just reach into their inside artist and CREATE.  As a result, these metal blinds are transformed into cute and sometimes wild frescos that you can gaze at lovingly (well I do) when businesses are shut.

Here are my latest favourites. Pink and red is definitely the colour!

Lets colour our businesses in and make them into art for people to admire!


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