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Summer books that ooze style

Locals only
California skateboarding
Cycle style

I bought these two books in Paris a few days ago because:

1/ They will look really great on the coffee table in the Beachouse AND in our flat in Paris

2/ I absolutely love the 70s skate San Fransisco scene and the Locals Only book is really amazing as it has that tribal vibe to it. The vibe that says: we are together cause we defend ourselves between us. There is something that I like in that, even if their circle is kind of closed to outsiders.

The Locals Only book is by Ammo editions.

The Cycle Style I love because I also have a love of 50s vintage and appart from the furniture from that era (that covers our house) I love love the clothes from then too. The still conservative et rock and roll look. The beginning of the mods and rockabilies (which actually inspired my latest old skool tattoo).

Cycle Style is published by Presel.
I hope you find them or can order them from where you are and are inspired for the summer! xxxx

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