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Tapas, Cakes and fasting


Tapas in Spain

Tapas San Sebastian

Cream cakes San Sebastian

Cakes San Sebastian

So after having told you all about San Sebastian in my previous post, a little tour or what I ATE there seems appropriate.

Tapas, you love them or you love them.

You can eat them any time of the day, accompanied by a very much deserved tipple (for whatever reason – you always deserve a tipple).

My favourite is empanada (stuffed pastry filled with cheese or meat or even vegetables): the Spaniards version of the Cornish Pastie. Also, the eternal tortilla de patatas (super thick omelette with potatoes inside). Then I tend to go stroll to the closest cake shop (the choice of them is immense) and get some chocolate stuffed delights.

Then I fast. For about a fortnight.

I kid you not, the food is glorious but you FEEL it on every little part of your body after.

Even your hair puts on weight.

Did you know that was possible?

I just discovered it eating tapas. Not that it’ll stop me. Gyming it and being careful for a few days after (nooooo I don’t really fast. No willpower for that) are the price to pay for tasting these beautiful Spanish classics.

Like a kiss from an angel and your tastebuds go wild xoxoxo

Cakes San Sebastian

Oiartzun San Sebastian

Tapas San Sebastian

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