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The supereye and perception of Bill Phelps

Wheels and Waves 2013Wheels and Waves 2013Bill Phelps Wheels and Waves 2013Bill Phelps Wheels and Waves 2013Bill Phelps Wheels and Waves 2013

This weekend in Biarritz I was lucky enough to go visit the Wheels and Waves custom and vintage motorbike gathering by the famous light house.

I am fascinated by old chrome, used leather, the smell of old bikes and the sounds their owners have given to them adapting special exhausts the these amazing creatures, panthers of steel that drive their owners over tarmac and eternal adventures.

Every year this gathering also invites some very famous people from the vintage custom scene but also some really very talented artists. This year Bill Phelps was there and his work is just amazing. Bill has worked in advertising and for some super famous fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia.

Here I share with you some of my favourites from his myriad of shots that capture romanticism and vintage with a little rock n’ roll, for good measure.

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