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How to modernise an interior with vintage design! I ♥ Guariche.

Pierre Guariche lamps ParisPierre Gariche lamps Design ParisPierre Guariche lampadaire ParisAntiques and Design, 50s Design.

This kite lamp (lampe cerf volant) is by Pierre Guariche and is a kind of center piece of my living room.

Who was Pierre Guariche? Born in 1926 and passed away in 1955, it seems that Pierre spent his rather short life designing and creating. He came out of the l’ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris) with his diploma in 1949 and spent the next few years learning from his master, the famous decorator Marcel Gascoin who specialised in post second world war furniture design. He then launched into his own creations whilst working for large editors of design: Airborne, Steiner…

What I also find wonderful is that this designer also created architectural beauties: the French ski stations La Plagne (the station is like a sky scraping town amongst white mountains of snow), Courchevel and Val d’Isére (very very modern for the time they will built with massive block like constructions) . He also designed villas, one which was his home, rue Dombasle in the 15th of Paris.

My Pierre Guariche neon lamp Paris2 tables (one white one black) and lamps by Guariche also ornament the living room here. The lines are strict and the colours may appear a little severe but their starkness renders them timeless. Mixed with the right warm carpets, wooden furniture and many plants, they actually succeed in making the place look modern despite the fact that they are at least 70 years old!

My Pierre Guariche table ParisMy Pierre Guariche white table ParisWhere to find Guariche’s furniture?

Well, if you are super lucky, on a flea market or specialised Design fair but mostly now, galleries stock Guarish in Saint Ouen but also accross France.

When I am on vintage fairs accross France, I cross my fingers and hope that maybe I might find something created by Pierre that has gone unoticed. You never know…. that’s the joy of vintage!



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