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Views from a bridge – winter light, low light

Ile de la Cité ParisBridges in ParisGothic architecture Paris

I love love love to stroll around certain areas of Paris on a Sunday.

When the city hasn’t completely recovered from the night before, when the inhabitants are waking up late morning to their café and petit-dejeuner, sleepy eyed, breaking the rythm of their sometimes frantic pulsing week of work and myriads of different adventures.

Bridges Paris

So, I have already showed you my views of Paris rooftops part 1 and part 2 (it’s a work in progress, more to come), but I just wanted to share a few shots of a walk I was on last week, near l’Ile de la Cité from the boulevard du Palais. I adore the architecture of the Gothic Conciergerie. But it intimedates me a little. To think that kings and queens lived here until the French Revolution, when hundreds of poor souls were emprisoned awaiting their turn to the Bastille. Shivers up my back. But now it stares sternly but protectively over the Seine and Paris.

And the LIGHT. Isn’t this crisp winter light stunning?

Winter light. Low light.

It is brief but comes to warm up the colder times. It lights up everything around us in golden hazy shades.

Low light is attentive light, it comes down close, as if to kiss our cold skins and say “winter is passing, spring soon will bloom”.

Bisous, Fiona xoxoxo

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  1. Kim

    I absolutely adore your blog ♥ and look forward to visiting Paris this year, guided of course to several of your recommended shops etc. Thank you!

    • Fiona

      Hello Kim, thank you for your lovely comment! It’s great to know that I might be inspiring your next visit. Lots and lots of kisses, Fiona xoxoxo

  2. Hannah

    Hi Fiona, love the low light photos, there is something so ethereal about this light. Wasn’t it William Turner the English Artist who painted scenes that he only wanted to be displayed in January, I think. Anyway love your blog, you motivate me. How do you motivate yourself to do so much.

    • Fiona

      Hi Hannah, thank you for your note! Low light is magic light, I think it’s my favourite. As you say, as if were temporarily transported to another world, where everything is fairytale and crisp. I am so touched to hear that I motivate you, that’s super great. I am motivated because I have put so much work into my blog that now, I only want to continue my work. I do lots and lots all the time because I have a curious nature and I feel I have no time to waste. I look forward to hearing your next comments Hannah! Kisses, Fiona xoxoxo

  3. Gorgeous photos. Wish I was there.

    • Fiona

      Thank you Lauren, I hope you live it a little through my blog xxx

  4. Adelya

    Fiona, gorgeous pictures!
    loving it and looking forward to visit Paris next week ^^
    Best wishes from Holland xx

    • Fiona

      Hello Adelya, thank you for your compliment! Enjoy the glorious city of lights and happy visiting! Kisses from Paris, Fiona xoxoxo

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