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Visiting Paris Biennale des Antiquaires for work

Biennale des Antiquaires ParisGrand Palais Biennale des Antiquaires Paris

Biennale Design ParisBiennale Grand PalaisJewellery Biennale des Antiquaires

We got some free passes to go see the Biennale des Antiquaires at the Grand Palais in Paris yesterday lunchtime.

What is the Biennale des Antiquaires? It is a fair where the largest and most prestigious Anitque dealers get to expose their goods, from old to contemporary design, art, jewellery (as has been very much put forward this year), books and furnishings. It all started in 1956 when the Syndicate for Antique dealers decided to put forward their work saying (and I really love this):

“where the beauty of the objects would rival the beauty of the women who visit the exhibition”.

I think they are still trying :-)

This year Karl Lagerfeld was put in change of creating the atmosphere, the decor, to this quite supernatural experience where light pours through the glass dome of the Palace to light up all these objects that are just filled to the brim beauty and history. It was gorgeous! I love love the Grand Palais as I have mentioned before (

So we meandered through the Palais yesterday and sat on the stairs at the bottom of the main hall to have a little sandwich whilst watching the other visitors go by. I am a fan of looking at people at venues like this, see what they are drawn to, or not.

Here are some pics of my favorite displays, although taking pictures wasn’t always easy. Thank you to those who let me take shots of their stands, you know who you are!

The Biennales des Antiquaires began the 14th and ends on the 23rd September 2012.

The website is: Biennale des Antiquaires 2012

We left with a head full of ideas. Shame I don’t get to keep any finds for myself! xxxx

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