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Visit to the “Paris as seen by Hollywood” Exhibition

Paris vu par HollywoodAn American in Paris

It’s free and if you get there early enough (like, first thing before it opens), you can be one of the first to step into the monumental Hotel de Ville (the Paris major Town Hall) to go and see a great really very romantic exhibition: Paris vu par Hollywood.

Hasn’t the City of Lights always been romanticized in films? As if it NEEDED that?

It’s enough to wander down it’s streets (a pleasure I have regularly of course), taking in the architecture, the pure tradition of Paris, as if it were a country to itself. The beige of the Haussmanian buildings, the wrought iron bends of the balconies, the noise of the markets, bicycles and cars, the smell of the luxurious parks and woods (Jardins du Luxembourg, I love you so…), the elegance of it’s inhabitants, the pure creative vibe that hangs in the air, as if to remind you that you aren’t just anywhere in the world, you are in PARIS.

I visited this latest exhibition recently and loved it. Why? Because it tells you that more than 800 American films have been shot on location in Paris, that until the 1950s films set in Paris are always light, libertine and a little decadent for the American directors that portrayed it. France is considered to be the country of desire, seduction, chic. A country where all American fantasies are reflected. After the 80s, another kind of Paris is portrayed in American films: action packed, worrying, sometimes frightening films (think Polanski…). So, there was enough material to showcase an exhibition on the way Hollywood has portrayed Paris and why. More than enough.

Four major themes are showcased: historical Paris in silent movies, Paris in romantic comedies, films revolving around the Cancan and the over expensive and eccentric films based in Paris.

I walked through many screens showing extracts of films, photos, models of screen sets, costumes and posters, which made the visit a real delight and stimulate your sense of romanticism and pride to be in the Paris of Lights. Paris that has always been admired from afar but that is adored by those who live in it’s womb. Like a protective mother guarding with beauty those who wish to flock around her.

From 18th  September to 15th December 2012
Hotel de Ville
– Salle Saint-Jean. 5 rue de Lobau – 75004 Paris
Open everyday expect Sundays and  Bank Holidays from 10am to 7pm and it’s free entry.
Tel: 00 33 (0)1 42 76 51 53
ligne(s) 1,11 – Hôtel de Ville
ligne(s) 1,4,7,11,14 – Châtelet
ligne 4 – Cité
ligne 4 – Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame

Can Can photoHugo Cabret

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