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What I found and framed. Hands UP!

I found these photocopies that my mum had kept for me and given to me a few years back.

As a kid in London, we lived in the Barbican (The City of London) and I would spend every Saturday morning with my father at his office, rolling telex reals into neat little spirals and searching through the sationary cupboard for cool pens, while he worked.

When I had been REALLY good, he would allow me the great honour of photocopying my hands. That was like receiving a star on the walk of fame for me.

These ones I decided to frame and put up in my office. It reminds me of my father.

Look through your papers and see if you have some of these to put up on your walls too, they are super graphic and nostalgic too xxxx

Fiona's handsold photocopies

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