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All my love for Paul

Paul Smith shoes
My unconditional, unrequited, unlimited love goes to Paul. Paul Smith. Who else has managed to capture british smart, preppy chic the way he has.

I love his stores, they all give me the feeling I have special access into his own special space, giving me insight into Mr Smith’s love for design, art, retro fashion. The store rue du Faubourg St Honoré in Paris just makes me want to grap a cuppa and sit there, read the Times and relish in the comfort of my Paul Smith black varnish pumps, claudine collared shirt and straight navy blue silk skirt. Pay special attention if you visit, the bicicyle for sale who’s saddle is moubted onto a pair of handcuffs.

My Paul Smith shoes are beautiful, a tribute to my home, like a little part of England that I wear on me while hitting the Parisian pavement.
store - rue du Faubourg St Honoré, Parisspecial space - Pau Smith

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