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Autumn redhead and Keratin

portrait Fiona Hues

I recently had to do a shoot for the blog’s new banner and to celebrate that, I have decided to return to my roots (ha ha, that’s funny:) and go back to my red highlights.

Red heads do have more fun, that I am sure of. So I am on my way back there! So as not to go over the top I basically lightened some strands of my hair, creating “meches” as we call them here in France (which are basically highlights). I use mild peroxide, coat certain strands of my hair and sit there and WATCH carefully until my hair turns the colour that I want it to then wash it all out thoroughly.

Then I TREAT my hair to a Keratene hair mask and am all set for my life as a (future) redhead! Until I change my mind again :-))

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  1. Alex

    Where do you get that Nanokeratin mask from? My, not quit natural hem hem, red hair desperately needs some TLC…

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