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Back to School, my New “Year” Planning

Writing, blogging, is all about planning I guess. It’s about going through content, ideas, all the photos that I have and picking which ones will be of relevance to you all and which ones will go with the general flow and mood of the blog.

The idea, as with everything a little creative, is to vary whilst still keeping that stem that makes our work individual.

I try and do this through the places I go to (a choice of spots that maybe not everyone knows about) and my photos, which are all my own (and if they arent I mention it but it’s pretty rare) and that I hope, make the blog more personal.

Today it’s about planning my “rentrée” (Back to School in French).

It’s more symbolic to me that new year, I make a lot more resolutions after the summer than I do after a party fuelled night on the 31st December!

So it’s time for me to think about content, the mood I want to continue giving to the blog, the new partners that I will be working with, the promotion of the new version (beginning of September) and what I hope will bring you all a little bit of light and inspiration, escapism even.

I keep my note pad on me litterally always and all my ideas go in there in sections (art, culture, food, travel, fashion…). Then I ponder (sometimes for a long time) and decide to write about what I’ve seen, accompanied by a picture taken (which I have already taken or which I go back to take for the purpose of the article).

All this is sometimes a long process and as those of you who have blogs, website or who write know: it’s not as easy as just snapping a pic and scribbling out whatever goes through your head.

Or it isn’t for me in any case.

Please do let me know through the FB page or my contact section what you would like to hear more about in this blog and I will try and find ideas that go around this.

Au travail!

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