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Birthday tea party vintage

Vintage tea party Paris

Liberty Cushions Paris

It’s my birthday this weekend (just saying I am getting soooo much older but strangely happier as I do).

So as part of the weekend festivites, I am having a tea party with friends in the afternoon. So I went to the great Marché aux Puces in Saint Ouen (vintage market) and this is what I found for my party. I love mismatched table wear and porcelaine (remember my family porcelaine here ?) I found these wonderful items. It’s all mix and match for dining area!

Loving it!


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  1. Happy birthday lovely lady! What a great way to celebrate too :)

    • Fiona

      Thank you lovely Maddie, it’s going to be fun! Speak soon xxxxx

  2. Shannon O'Connell

    Happy Birthday! My birthday’s on the 30th! I love your blog. I’m going through a rough time and reading about you and my favorite city at the end of a day helps me to forget for a few minutes. Thank you. :)

    • Fiona

      Hello Shannon and thank you for your wishes. Receiving comments like yours are the reason why I push to keep this blog alive and kicking every week. I am sorry for your hard times and am very flattered that you are able to escape with me, if only a little, on my blog. I really do hope to hear from you again, keep posting your thoughts and comments and dont forget there is also more on my FB page (available on the top left hand of the blog banner) with little things that cheer up my day too.
      Much love and strength to you. There is light when we less suspect it! Kisses, Fiona xxxx

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