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Chloé and her attitudes

Chloe Attitudes ParisChloe attitudesChloe-Attitudes

I popped in to the Parisian exhibition at the wonderfully contemporary Palais de Tokyo last week all about the Chloé brand. I was exited. And not disappointed. And even more exited when I left with my mind full of ideas!

Being a great lover of Stella McCartney’s creations and the iconic Lagerfeld (who’s photography I have also seen on show and can safely say that he is not only a great designer but such an inspired photographer), I really wanted to see this exhibition about the brand that they (and other great designers) have created for over the decades.

It’s such a luxurious style with Chloé. I don’t mean the cost of the actual garments and accessories. I mean the sheer generosity of the designers throughout time that have given their most original, tasteful, classic yet totally innovative ALL and put it into creating the beautiful collections that they did.

Chloé Attitudes exhibition, curated by the renowned exhibition-maker Judith Clark wants to showcase the number of themes and designer voices that have passed through the house. The founder Gaby Aghion, who was present at the exhibition, had a great eye for talent, commissioning Michele Rosier, Maxime de la Falaise and of course a young Karl Lagerfeld to design for the house.

My big question was what is the essence of the Chloé woman? With so many different designers working for the house, what was Aghion’s own strategy and taste? But eventually, as common decorative themes keep popping up in the exhibition – florals, fruits, fluidity, ease of dress, witty prints, unashamed girliness – I discovered through what I saw that Aghion was in fact the original Chloé girl. She inspired each and every one to put a little of what she wanted into her collections: she is Chloé true constant. This Pret-a-Porter universal name is totally unrestricted by a narrow identity which I saw in the beautifully wild sketches, photography and ensembles collected in the exhibition. Hope you enjoy my favourite pics! xoxoxoxox

Chloe Attitudes, on until the 18th November 2012 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Chloe attitudes exhibition

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