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Create your Liberty charm bracelet

DIY Liberty Charm Bracelet

Create Parisian bracelet

Creating a little bit of french fashion, for you all to read, wherever you are on our beautiful planet. That’s what I try and do with Parishues.

Also, helping you create a little bit of the French/Parisian touch is also a feature on this blog!

Here is something that is really easy to make and that is all the rage here in France with the hip girl about town. Parisian ladies and girls all have them but buy them (and they can cost a small fortune. So let’s make our own!).

Liberty prints are really eternal, I chose this type of ribbon but you can really go out there and use an old scarf, thin leather belt, tshirt, silk band, really whatever you want. The clasps and charms I found at my local Art Shop (Arteis for those who want to see what our Art shops look like in France) and the ribbons are a mixture of vintage and old dresses that I cut up to the size of my wrist.

What you will need
DIY French Charm Bracelet
Length of ribbon or fabric (enough to wrap right around your wrist completely)
2 metal bracelet clasps and 4 metal links (all, to be tightened with a pair of small pliers)

1 loop and bar clasp            2/3 charms            Special jewellery glue         1 pair small pliers

Parisian fashion jewellery

How to make it

Create Charm Liberty Bracelet
1 – Fold the ribbon inwards on both sides and put a little bit of glue in between to hold the sides down. Do the same for the two extremities of the ribbon (so that it looks clean and the claps will hold better after) (see above)
2 – Dab the 2 claps with your special glue and fix them to both extremeties of the ribbon using pliers. AFTER you have done this, take one extremety, add 2 links (there must be 2 or the bar will not move after to help you close your bracelet) and the T bar (close the links with the pliers) so you have a small chain (of 2 link + 1 Tbar) (see below)

Liberty bracelet

Charm Liberty Parisian Bracelet

3 – On the other extremety of the ribbon, dab the metal clasp with glue (as before) and close onto the ribbon with the pliers. THEN add to this claps: your charm(s) thanks to a spare link and the atcual loop (that will link the bracelet thanks to the TBar). So you will have a total o (in this order): Metal clasp + 1 metal link & charm(s) + 1 metal link + metal loop

4 – you can also GLUE a little charm to the front of the ribbon, just make sure it is flat enough to be glued to the surface and that you put lots of jewellery glue to both the charm and ribbon to stick. Leave to dry for at least 30mn.

And there you have it! You can alternate with many different charms, ribbons… Parisian style.

Kisses and charms from France,

Fiona xoxoxox

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  1. Lynne Friedli

    this is truly lovely and inspired. My 11 year old niece wanted us to buy a charm bracelet when we’re in Paris next week, but now I think we’ll look for the materials and make one. If you have any advice on where to buy the clasps and charms in Paris, that would be a bonus. but thank you for the wonderful idea in any case.

    • Fiona

      Hello Lynne, thank you so much! I adore making these and actually make them in little collections according to the season.
      The best place that I go to in Paris for material for jewellery and all sorts of art and craft supply is:
      Shop Text Ponsard
      7 boulevard du Temple
      75003 Paris
      (nearest metro is actually Republique or Filles du Calvaire. Please don’t hesitate to send in pics of your creation to
      Safe trip to Paris and dress up warm, it’s going to be chilly here!
      Love, Fiona xxxx

  2. Lynne Friedli

    just testing to see if my last message arrived

  3. Lynne Friedli

    why, that’s just round the corner from our apartment! perfect. thank you so much. My niece will love your site. thank you again for your creativity. L.

    • Fiona

      no problem, happy creating! Fiona

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