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Decorate your padlocks & doors

Padlock Paris

So having gone to the Pont des Arts dozens of times, I finally came up with the idea that I wanted to do the same for my front door. You can do this for your bedroom door, your garden gate or even fence.Padlock door Paris

Take old or even new padlocks
- Different sizes and style, vintage and modern and get painting! Wrap them up with raffia paper, like small little parcels!

Paris lock

- Flowers, colors, messages, initials, you can just let yourself go here.

I got some really cute ones over the web to use for my collection.

- It’s a really easy solution to paint with red nail varnish a little message too. You fix them all to a lock, a handle, your garden fence. They and always they to welcome you HOME.

It’s pretty and personal!!!

Lock that love in, Paris Pont des Arts style! xxxx

I love you Lock

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