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Your own vintage victorian feel

I sometimes get called on by my friends at a little boutique in Paris to help display their products and make the place more homely and accessible.
Here is what we worked on this morning and it’s really easy to recreate.
It has a victorian vibe to it, makes is dream of old. Despite it being very feminine it is also fresh and light!
We used lots of different sized vases and some old milk bottles too, then set them all together on an old wooden table (you can create this old faded white wood effect by applying dry light strokes of matt white paint to an old table, let dry and then stroke the dry brush in the opposite direction).
In the background I positioned some old fake flowers made of a beautifully thin linen and set the display near a window so the light could poor in. This is great for a living room center table or even corner spot too, it really dresses the room and gives it a vintage feel.
Don’t forget to use fresh flowers to sometimes fill the vases too, maybe some white roses or buttercups. You can lightly colour the water too with food colouring making sure you change the water everyday.
And there you have it, your own constantly changing victorian display!

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