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Festive and pretty summer decoration!

I visited one of my favourite interior decoration boutiques in Paris the other day for decoration and found that I wanted to buy everything in the shop and transpose into my house. Which would have not been very creative at all but would have looked sensational.

Anyhow, Interior’s is a small network of really beautiful stores accross France that sell beautiful mostly wooden furniture and great porcelaine, table and kitchen wear.
I absolutely love the atmosphere they created here, with the hues of pinks and red, flowers, Vichy type table cloths. It’s so vintage but with a modern pop twist as well.
I loved the beautiful armchair as well that I ordered for my house. I can’t wait to sit in it near the window, a warm cup of coffee and a great book as company!

The uses of fresh tones are great, I hope you enjoy and are inspired as much as I was! xxx

This particular boutique is:

59 avenue de Versailles
75016 Paris

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