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Going out – the Rules to dressing up Festive Style


Formal wear Paris

Formal wear Paris

Ok ladies, it’s that time of year again.

COME ON, admit it, you love to dress up.

Even those of us who bah humbug the whole Christmas/New Year social scene have to admit that we like to get dressed up and look like a million (or more) Euros/Dollars. I live near the beach now and have a beautiful life here that’s close to nature and things that I consider simple but essential to my whole existence. However, everyday I have fun getting dressed up, keeping that girly little spark in me going. As soon as I have an excuse (a party, a concert, opera… whatever!) I go ballistic trying to find something I am going to have fun wearing.

So because this is the season of parties and near liver failure, I thought I would put together some rules. For New Year this year I will be going to the Casino, having fun and sitting at the poker and blackjack tables and I am going to be dressing UP for it. Hope you find some interesting facts and please don’t hesitate to let me know what you will be wearing this festive season!!!

Formal wear Paris

Black Tie dress code is stated for formal events that commence after 6pm or after sundown in the winter months. It’s generally worn to private and public dinners, dances and parties.

White Tie dress code is more formal than Black Tie attire, and whilst it was once standard dress for formal occasions, it has now been more or less replaced by the Black Tie.

Formal wear Paris




The Length of your Dress

Receiving an invitation which stipulates Black Tie Dress Code can be a little confusing for women as many believe that a full length gown is required, but this is not necessarily the case.

If you are invited to a drinks party with a Black Tie dress code, then you should opt for Cocktail Attire but ensure the length of the dress only creeps up to just above the knee, and stockings should be worn!!!

If the drinks reception is followed by dinner and dancing then you can consider a full length dress or ball gown, but this is not mandatory for events that state Black Tie dress code.

The only occasion where a full length dress and possibly opera/evening gloves are a must is when White Tie has been stipulated. But, as white tie invites are few and far between, then my advice would be to judge the formality of the Black Tie dress code and then go for it, as long as you are confident of not feeling over-dressed. If in any doubt, ask the host.

If you do arrive at an event and feel that you have not correctly interpreted the dress code then use self-confidence, splattered with a little self-deprecating humour to get you through the evening!

It’s Optional… but it’s not….


It’s a double edged sword really, what the host is saying is “I would really like you to make the effort but if you don’t you are still welcome to come!”. Hmmmm…..

Often the Black Tie Optional dress code is stated if there are a number of guests who do not own or have access to Black Tie attire. The host may not want those to feel awkward, or even decline the invitation because of this.

However, this type of invite doesn’t mean that you can wear what you like! Wearing casual or informal wear would be considered bad manners and a little rude to the host.

Black Tie Optional dress code doesn’t really affect us ladies, as we have the choice of a wearing a cocktail dress to most Black Tie events. However, it is still a formal occasion and you should ensure your hemline is not too short and the dress is not too risqué.

The Devil’s in the Details…


1. You might want to carry a small evening bag that matches your outfit in the same fabric, colour or trim.

2. If wearing a lightweight satin or silk ensemble then opt for strappy sandals, if your outfit is of a heavier material then choose velvet or coloured satin court shoes. And weat those heals high!

3. Choose for a few good quality pieces of jewellery, simple is classy

The Make Up and the Nails


1. Arrange a manicure before the event along with a pedicure if you are wearing open-toe sandals.

2 Ensure you pronounce either your lips or your eyes, not the two together, as you may appear overly made up.

3. Again tradition would advise you to wear your hair up, but that  depends on how comfortable you are. Personally I prefer my hair down so I would favour a professional blow dry instead. Ultimately you need to feel comfortable with how you look.

So when I am going Black tie to the Casino, ready to gamble my little heart and saving away, I know I am going to be dressed up and comfortable knowing that simple CHIC is a classic sure fire success! For those of you who want to have a fun time at the Casino but can’t go there, you have to try this fun website, it’s so much fun and it’s you can win big!

Happy dressing up girls and most of all, ENJOY IT.

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